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Need to pawn items of value? From gold jewellery and gold bullion to luxury watches, jet skis, and cars, we're here to assist.

Pawnbrokers Brisbane offers competitive interest rates on pawn loans in Brisbane. If you're looking to convert your assets into cash, visit us today. We simplify the process with no credit checks or extensive paperwork. No appointments are needed, simply walk in during our business hours.

To the right, you'll find our per-gram lending rates for gold loans available at our Pawnbrokers Brisbane stores.

Gram Rate For Gold Loans With PBB

Gold Purity Level We Loan You
24ct (99% Pure) Gold Items: $107.72 Per Gram
22ct (91% Pure) Gold Items: $98.77 Per Gram
21.6ct (90% Pure) Gold Items: $97.04 Per Gram
21ct (87% Pure) Gold Items: $94.35 Per Gram
20ct (83% Pure) Gold Items: $89.82 Per Gram
18ct (75% Pure) Gold Items: $80.87 Per Gram
14ct (58% Pure) Gold Items: $62.86 Per Gram
9ct (37% Pure) Gold Items: $40.43 Per Gram

Interest Rates for Gold Loans

Loan Amount 7 Day Loan 14 Day Loan 30 Day Loan 90 Day Loan
$200 + 5% 6% 10% 10%
$1,000 + 4% 5% 8% 8%
$4,000 + 3.5% 4% 7% 7%
$7,000 + 3% 4% 6% 6%
$10,000 + 2.5% 3% 5% 5%
$20,000 + 1.5% 2.5% 4% 4%
$30,000 + 1.5% 2% 3% 3%
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Pawn your gold for quick instant cash from Pawn Brokers Brisbane.

Our Brisbane pawn shops take gold bullion, gold family heirlooms or gold jewellery to loan for instant cash.

PBB can also loan against broken and damaged gold, or we can buy the gold on the spot at the leading gold price rates in Brisbane.

Pawn or Sell Luxury Watches.

Sell or Pawn Rolex Watches Luxury Watches Brisbane

Pawn or Sell Luxury Watches in Brisbane

Considering loaning against or parting with your luxury watch? Visit our Brisbane Pawn Shop today.

Luxury timepieces often retain or gain in value over time, which can be beneficial when pawning or selling.

PBB offers an assessment of your watch and a cash offer to loan or sell on the spot.

Our Brisbane Pawnbrokers provide leading rates for both pawning and selling pre-owned watches.

Luxury Watches: How To Pawn

Pawn Your Late Model or Classic Car

Car Pawnbroker Pawn Cars

Consider Pawning Your Car in Brisbane

If you have a late model, collector's, or classic car, you might want to consider pawning it with our Brisbane Pawn Shop.

Such vehicles often hold significant value that can be utilised via our unique pawn loan process, which ensures you maintain possession of your car throughout the loan period.

At PBB, we offer the best rates for those looking to pawn their vehicles.

Cars: How To Pawn

Why Visit Pawn Brokers Brisbane for loans?

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Quick and easy process

Walk ins welcome, No Appointments Necessary.
Visit PBB during our business hours to start your loan today

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We welcome all customers

No past history or credit score checks required. The instant cash loan is based on the value of your goods.

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Loans with PBB are provided at leading rates

PBB offer the best interest rates in Brisbane for loans.

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Pawned items are secured in storage vaults

PBB is equipped with high-security vaults to ensure safety of your items at all times. Pawn your luxury valuables and precious metals stress free with us.

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Extend your loan easily with PBB

You can activate additional time against the goods loaned simply by continuing to pay the monthly interest of the loan.

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Pawn Brokers Brisbane has no hidden fees

We are upfront with all our prices both online and in person, which contain no hidden fees or charges.

Pawn Brokers Brisbane
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Gold Bullion

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Scrap / Damaged Gold

Repayment Charges for Monthly Loans

Examples Of Interest Repayment Amounts

Loan Amount Repaid In 7 Days Repaid In 14 Days Repaid Within 30 Days Repaid Within 90 Days
$200 + $10 $12 $20 $60
$1,000 + $40 $50 $80 $240
$4,000 + $140 $160 $280 $840
$7,000 + $210 $280 $420 $1,260
$10,000 + $250 $300 $500 $1,500
$20,000 + $300 $500 $800 $2,400
$30,000 + $450 $600 $900 $2,700