Best Pawn Shop Rates For Watches


How does a luxury watch pawn loan work?

Our expert staff will assess the value of your luxury watch and provide a cash offer on the spot.

Please bring the box and any associated paperwork from your luxury watch to increase its value.

Regardless of the watch value and the loan amount, our interest rates are always competitive. We offer a monthly recurring loan with no lock-in contract.

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    Quick, easy and hassle-free Luxury Watch Pawn Loans

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    Walk ins welcome, no appointments.

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    Bring original box and paperwork.

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    Extend your watch loan anytime or sell for cash.

How Does Selling Luxury Watches Work?

Need cash without taking out a loan? PBM can purchase your luxury watch.

We offer cash on the spot for your old luxury watches.

Providing the original paperwork and box can increase the value.

Our prices for pre-owned luxury watches are highly competitive.

PBM will assess the value of your watch and offer an instant cash price.