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Our Brisbane pawnbrokers provide highly competitive interest rates for gold loans, silver loans, loans on luxury items (including watches) and car loans.

If you need cash and prefer not to sell your valuables, visit our Brisbane pawn shop today. We provide loans in exchange for items such as gold bullion, silver bullion, luxury watches and cars, all with highly flexible repayment options.

How Do Cash Loans From PBB Work?

Getting a cash loan can be straightforward and prompt. Feel free to drop by our Brisbane CBD or Annerley locations during our opening hours; there's no need for an appointment. At PBB, we evaluate and test gold items, providing an immediate cash offer. If both parties agree, the gold loan process begins, and you receive the cash right away.

For certain items not mentioned on our website, we might need to schedule an evaluation before moving forward. If this is the case, please give us a call on (07) 3062 9344 for more information before your visit.

Loan Terms Are Flexible


Loan Terms Are Flexible

PBB loans come with no fixed term. To extend your loan for an additional 30 days a payment of the current months interest is required. To finalise and complete the loan, repay the loan value and current interest to redeem the goods.

All Customers Welcome, No Credit History Checks


All customers welcome, No Credit History

At Pawn Brokers Brisbane we do not require your credit history as the loan is against your precious metals, luxury goods or vehicle, not your personal credit.

No Appointments Required


No Appointments Required

We do not requre an appointment for your to visit our Brisbane CBD or Annerley store, all walk-in customers are welcome. If you need further information before visiting, please call us.




For repayment information, our pawnbroker interest rates, and other loan related details, please click the following link

Pawnbroker Loan Rates

Prefer To Sell Instead?


Want to sell your items instead of a loan?

If you prefer to sell your goods, we welcome this option. Visit our store during our business hours for your goods to be assessed and evaluated. We offer instant cash payments on the spot.




For gold and silver items, we utilise the latest X-ray and XRF technology to ensure precise and accurate valuations. For other items, we collaborate with a third-party team for assessments and valuations.

ID Requirements for Initiating a Gold Loan with Pawnbrokers Brisbane

To obtain a gold loan from our pawn shop, the type of ID you possess will determine the process.


Choice 1: Valid photo identity card

If you have a valid identity card with a photograph, then you just use the same to get a gold loan from us instantly. However, we only accept a few photo IDs like:

  • State-Issued driving license
  • State-Issued learner's permit
  • Local or foreign passport
  • Firearms license
  • Educational photo ID
  • Government Issued Proof Of Age Card
  • KeyPass ID from Australian post

Choice 2: Two valid text identity cards

If you do not have a photo identity card, you can provide two written-based identity cards. Two IDs listed from below to start a gold loans with PBB:

  • Birth certificate
  • Marriage certificate
  • Medicare
  • Bank statement or utility bill from an Australian Institution
  • Commonwealth healthcare card
  • Commonwealth veteran affairs card
  • Commonwealth pensioner
  • Concession card