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We welcome various gold items, including gold jewellery, gold coins, gold bullion, and gold watches.

Our stores have a streamlined process for testing and evaluating gold items, our gold specialists have a wealth of expertise in assessing gold, silver and other precious metals.

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Gold Carat Price
24ct (99% Pure) Gold Items: $107.72 Per Gram
22ct (91% Pure) Gold Items: $98.77 Per Gram
21.6ct (90% Pure) Gold Items: $97.04 Per Gram
21ct (87% Pure) Gold Items: $94.35 Per Gram
20ct (83% Pure) Gold Items: $89.82 Per Gram
18ct (75% Pure) Gold Items: $80.87 Per Gram
15ct (62% Pure) Gold Items: $67.39 Per Gram
14ct (58% Pure) Gold Items: $62.86 Per Gram
10ct (41% Pure) Gold Items: $44.86 Per Gram
9ct (37% Pure) Gold Items: $40.43 Per Gram
8ct (33% Pure) Gold Items: $35.91 Per Gram
Bullion Type We Sell For We Pay You
1 ozt 9999 Gold Bar $3,664 $3,511
100 gram 9999 Gold Bar $11,727 $11,290
5 ozt 9999 Gold Bar $18,211 $17,559
500 gram 9999 Gold Bar $58,387 $56,454
1 kilogram 9999 Gold Bar $116,717 $112,909
10 ozt 999 Silver Bar $495 $418
1 kilogram 999 Silver Bar $1,508 $1,346

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PBB offers competitive prices for selling or investing in gold. Our approachable team is ready to assist with all your gold and silver bullion enquiries. All questions are welcome.

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What is the evaluation process of gold items?

While many gold buyers rely on the traditional acid testing method to assess gold quality, at PBB, we utilise the latest XRF technology for gold evaluation. This advanced approach allows us to provide a much more precise reading and quotation. PBB consistently offers competitive gold prices in both Brisbane and Annerley, ensuring instant cash for accepted quotations.

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You're welcome to sell your gold jewellery in Brisbane or Annerley during our business hours with no appointments required.

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As one of the most experienced and trusted gold buyers in Brisbane, our reputation speaks for itself. Our extensive knowledge and expertise in gold evaluations have earned us the loyalty of repeat customers who continue to choose us. We take pride in our ability to offer the highest cash payments for all your gold items, reflecting our commitment to providing you with the best value for your precious metals. Your trust and satisfaction are our top priorities, and we look forward to serving you with professionalism and integrity.

Simple and easy gold selling & gold buying process

Selling or loaning your gold items to us offers a refreshingly simple and efficient alternative to traditional bank loans. While banks and other financial institutions often subject borrowers to lengthy and cumbersome processes, we provide you with a straightforward and hassle-free option.

Good leading cash rates for gold payments

Our commitment to providing you with the most accurate and fair valuation for your gold is central to our gold buying service in Brisbane. We take pride in our scientific and precise approach to evaluating gold, ensuring that you receive an estimate that truly reflects the value of your precious metal. When you turn to us in a time of need, you can have confidence in our expertise and trust that we will provide you with a reliable and competitive quote. Your trust and satisfaction are paramount to us, and we are here to serve you with integrity and professionalism.

Deal directly with PBB gold buyers refinery

Dealing directly with gold buyers like ourselves can often result in higher cash payouts when selling gold. When you involve a middleman, they need to purchase the gold at a lower rate to make a profit when reselling it to gold buyers. By eliminating the middleman and transacting directly with gold buyers, sellers can often secure a better price for their gold items. This approach streamlines the process and ensures that you receive a more competitive payout for your valuable assets. It's a choice that can lead to a more financially advantageous outcome when selling gold.

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Sell and Buy gold with PBB at competitive rates in Brisbane. We are Brisbane's trusted destination for Gold and Silver trading.

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