Luxury Goods, Sell or Pawn with PBB

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How Do Luxury Goods Loans Work?

Luxury goods are assets that can retain or gain value. To get a loan assessment, please provide our staff with the original paperwork related to the item. This will allow us to determine the amount available for a short-term or long-term loan or even an option to sell. The entire process is straightforward and easy.

What Are High-Value Goods?

High-value goods can include motorbikes, jet skis, boats and other luxury items. If you possess a high-value item and are curious about its value, please contact us to see if we can provide a quotation.

How Does Selling Luxury Goods Work?

Luxury goods often have a significant cash value. By providing us with the original paperwork, you enable us to evaluate your item. If you're seeking immediate cash and don't want a loan, PBB can assess your luxury item and potentially offer an instant quote. Our process at PBB is simple, fast, and customer friendly.

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    Pawn luxury goods fast and smoothly.

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    No appointement times are required, walk in is welcome.

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    Provide us with the original paperwork and retail packaging for a better price offer.

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    Loan options avaialble or sell for cash available on the spot.